First Things First…

I believe it was our second day in our new home when I forced Hubby to put down the boxes and pick up the paint brush. He knew it was coming… But neither of us thought it would be required right away.

Back track…. I have OCD. It’s not THAT bad… Except when it comes to color. I am one of those people who is extremely matchy-matchy. And I’m sure you all noticed in my “previous owners” photos… The Orange wall! Well, as soon as Dave saw that wall he knew I would need it gone. But since we would be living in boxes and it was only a coat of paint we figured it could take a back burner. But as we set up the pillows on our couch and unpacked our throw blanket… Orange just wouldn’t cut it.

The Orange wall in the living room

Now, before everyone jumps to the conclusion that I hate Orange, let me explain. My OCD is not about a specific color, it’s triggered by how a color is used. What surrounds it, which clashes with it, etc. I love orange walls, they really warm up a room but this is the first room you see when you come in the front door. It sets the tone for the entire main level so it needs to make sense.

Our sofa, is a beautiful fabric sectional in a really pretty grey. We have Blue and Green accents throughout our kitchen and living room and Orange just didn’t fit into that scheme.

We taped off the wall with painters tape and chose Behr “Deep Royal” (580D-7) for our accent color. Bye bye Orange.

Finished accent wall! We LOVED how it turned out! (You’ll see our throw pillow on our grey couch in the corner)

The blue really brings out the cool colours in the fireplace stone and helps the grey pop. Behr is my absolute favourite paint to use for any project. I do find the colours are a bit limited (depending on the project) but if you can find the right one it is definitely worth it. This wall only required one coat and zero primer!!!


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