Furniture changes Everything!

Furniture can be a rooms best friend, or worst nightmare! It’s why staging a house is so important before putting it on the market. Furniture is literally the potential of the room. A 12X12 box can become a bedroom, office, playroom or home gym, based on what you decide to put in it.

Dave and I are both collectors when it comes to furniture. We both had mixed matched, dated items when we combined and moved into our home. We decided there would be no splurging (if we could help it). And that we would upgrade to better things and re use or re finish our older things.

I wanted to quickly shed light on our dining room. We spend every supper hour here together. It also doubles as a coffee date Cafe in the morning, a home office in the evenings after the kids are asleep, an arts and craft area and a dumping ground for shopping bags after a grocery run. It didn’t just need to be pretty, it had to be practical! Check out our before and after furniture upgrade!

Before: This was my grandparents kitchen table. It’s a beautiful wood table, but the traditional style made it an eyesore in our new home. The corner cabinet was a $20 kijiji steal. Our new kitchen is mostly dark wood finishes, and these light wood pieces stuck out like sore thumbs!

After: We upgraded the table to a marble top, dark wood beauty. The chairs are upholstered in a dark brown faux leather. We scored this combo on kijiji for $150!

We replaced our corner cabinet with a long wood and metal decorative shelf that we purchased at Costco. It was a lot more than we wanted to pay. But hubby practically lives at Costco and waited until the shelves were almost gone then asked management about purchasing the display! It was already put together and we took it as is for a fraction of the cost!

I decided to retire the cheap plastic lime slice placemats and create a pop of color with some green glassware items on the shelf. I slowly collected these pieces with a few trips to Homesense. (The green glasses on the second shelf were only $1/each!)

***Stay tuned to see where our traditional table and corner cabinet were moved to***


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