Main Floor Bathroom 

On our main floor we have a 4 piece bathroom, not a powder room.  Now this is great because it’s located in between the 2 kids’ bedrooms. Bath times are a breeze, potty training is slightly easier, and Dave and I don’t have to share our shower with bath toys and hooded animal towels. However, this means that it is also the bathroom our guests use. With a powder room, all the personal stuff is hidden. All you really need is a roll of toilet paper and a nice hand towel in there. This space is much more challenging.


Main bathroom – previous owners


When we first moved in we slapped up a curtain to hide the shower and called it a day. We decided to wait before tackling the bathroom as we had no idea where to start. I searched and searched for shower curtains that were pretty but still kid friendly and I had a terrible time finding a happy medium.

As time went on I decided to stop fighting the inevitable. We have kids! I was trying so hard to create a beautiful bathroom to HIDE toys, and kids towels, and bright colours instead of just embracing it. Anyone with kids knows that even with expert help it’s impossible to keep toys out of the living room, or clothes off the floor, or bright colours out of a kids’ bathroom.

I then changed all plans of crisp clean modern lines and fancy features and designed a bathroom for my kids, used by my kids. And I began looking for some inspiration.

This was it! Walking through Homesense I found 2 bathroom themed canvases for $19.99! They were cute, and had a lot of colours to work with. And they were gender neutral! We had a 2 and a half year old little girl and another on the way (gender unknown at the time). So keeping in mind they would have to share this bathroom as they grew up it needed to have some growing room.

Everything else in the bathroom was pulled from these 2 pictures.

I picked up a striped shower curtain from TargetCanada for $24.99 that mirrored the colours in the canvas. And a yellow bath mat, also from TargetCanada.

Some bright coloured towels keep it fun (also purchased at TargetCanada).

Lastly I added a turtle toothbrush holder and another bright hand towel.

I am still anxious to slap some paint on the walls to get rid of the “butter yellow” but it wasn’t priority right away as we had bigger fish to fry!


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