The Tour

In order for you to follow along I’m going to show you what we saw when we first walked through/discovered the house. There was a family of 4 living here previously. Father, mother and 2 young boys. They built our dream home but ultimately did not enjoy the “country” lifestyle… Upkeep of the yard, isolation, etc. Their lose was our gain! (We came from an over populated school zone where the houses were a foot apart and sat on a postage stamp.)

Kitchen – previous owners photo

Living room – previous owners photo

Master bedroom – previous owners photo

Master ensuite – previous owners photo

Kids bedroom (back of house) – previous owners photo

Kids bedroom (front of house) – previous owners photo

Main floor bath – previous owners photo

Now, these are the main areas on the main level. We do also have a basement  which is unfinished. Although we’ll be working on that as well.

Now, I’ll warn you now… Hubby and I are…drifters? Bouncers? Multitaskers? Basically we focus our projects on priorities. We are constantly evolving our ideas, changing our minds and improving our home. Which means you may see multiple posts on the same room as we change it, and change it again. I think it keeps us fresh and our ideas sharp. Also, designing a room is one thing, and living in it is another. So as time goes on, we find better ways to work with the space we have.

Alright, here we go!


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