Under The Sea… Part 1 

Anyone who has ever moved, with children, understands the struggle of keeping a routine and normalcy in their life. Trying to prevent their belongings from living in boxes for a month, and making their new surroundings feel like home. It was pretty much at the top of the priority list for us when it came to my 3 year old daughter. We wanted her to have a room she would LOVE! That way, leaving our old place behind would be easy for her (seeing how much better the new place was!)

We started with a pretty blank slate. I’ll refresh your memory with the previous home owners photos of the room.


The walls were a pretty neutral grey… Standard in most new builds now. It has a beautiful, huge window with tons of natural light (being at the back of the house) and a closet that she will really grow into.

Anyone who knows my daughter knows that she is a princess through and through! She is obsessed with Disney (especially the princesses). Her favourite movie is The Little Mermaid. So for her new room we decided to go all out with Ariel! We essentially wanted to turn her room into a colourful underwater oasis that was fit for a princess. Oh, and we wanted to do it as cheap as possible!

The cheapest way to pack some punch is paint! Depending on brand, a gallon is about… $40-$50. So we decided to start there! We wanted something bright and colourful (it is a kids room after all!)


We chose Behr “Rushing stream” (P480-4). This color (being a lighter color) required 2 coats to really cover the grey.  The thing with bright coloured paint, is not to over do it! You don’t want too many things in the room competing for your attention. So if you decide to go with a dark color or something extremely bright, try to down play the rest of the room. In this case, we upgraded all my daughters furniture to white pieces.


I scored a captains bed on kijiji for $80 and a solid wood dresser on kijiji for $20! The perfect thing about white furniture for kids rooms is that you can freshen it up or cover blemishes easily with paint. And it will grow with them even once you change decor/themes.

Once the walls were done it was time to decorate! Check out “Part 2” for the remaining of the transformation.


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