Under The Sea… Part 2

Now that our Ariel room is painted it’s time to finish off the look with some accessories, oh and decals!

Decals are probably my second favourite thing for impact (after paint). They are inexpensive, don’t damage walls or paint and are extremely easy to remove. I searched the city for Ariel themed decals but struck out in my area. The ocean decals I would come across just didn’t have the right feel. I opted for Amazon.ca and purchased an entire set of Little Mermaid decals for $15!

I used the decals to create a mural type wall. I also saved a few decals to scatter around the rest of the room to tie it all together.


My $20 dresser got a few starfish – and a fish tank with lilac rocks keep my ocean theme going. 

You can see a few of my rogue decals, and check out my “clam shell” beanbag chair. (TargetCanada for $20)

When it came to art for the wall I was a bit concerned about how hard it would be to find an appropriate piece. And then I thought about price and weighed the options. I decided to go for a much cheaper alternative. I chose a few white frames and printed my own mermaid art. (The first frame is actually a birthday card!) I figured that when my daughters interests change I could re use the frames and put something new in there!

I also opted for an Ariel fleece blanket to put OVER a solid purple bedding set. It was a much cheaper option in terms of bedding, and again, much easier to change down the road.

The key to this room is duration! I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg every few years re decorating a perfectly good room. This room is designed for change, and at a great price. When Ariel is a thing of the past, a new coat of paint, a few new photos and we can move on to something else!

My daughter LOVES her new room and quickly settled in to our new home.


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