The Master Bedroom… Updated

Let’s continue with the master bedroom upgrade!

The next big change is… The bed! It was pretty obvious that the navy bedding was not working, at all. It made the room seem dark and our bedroom is anything but that! Hubby and I talked long and hard and decided to go for a mattress upgrade as well, and we purchased a new king size bed! With a new bed, came new bedding! Check it out!

As you can see, we chose white bedding to brighten up the room! Take note that our side lamps are useless with this bed. They only cast light onto the nightstands and no where else. Time to change that.

And here are the new lamps! They are much taller and are perfect for reading in bed. These, we bought new. They were purchased from Walmart (believe it or not) and they were a mix and match style so you could customize with your favourite shade. We picked a beige linen shade to stand out from the white sheer without being too dark.

The most recent master bedroom change for us was to remove the TV. We thought we would use it all the time. Put the kids to bed and cuddle up for a movie ourselves. However, that never happened. Once the kids are asleep, we clean, or do dishes, and if the house work is miraculously done, we take a few minutes of quiet to relax, and then head to bed! I also thought that being on maternity leave would have me living in the master bedroom in my pjs, and that was also not the case.

We took down our mounted television and floating shelf, And put up a breath taking piece of art! We then moved our storage bench from the small wall and placed underneath. This gives hubby a bench right outside his closet to put on his socks, etc.

This is the current state of our master! We love it. It’s quiet, clean and inviting! We kept the grey walls for now, as its a huge job and didn’t seem necessary to create the space we wanted. I’m sure we will eventually come back to this room and slap on a coat of paint… Just not anytime soon!


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