The Master Bedroom… Initially 

We were blessed with an amazing size bedroom, and I mean that whole heartedly. We have plenty of room for a bed, multiple dressers, night stands, even extras space to boot! But what we found out (shortly after moving in) is that when you have all that space, and you’re using it for all those items… It makes the room feel so much smaller!

Let’s start with your refresher of the room. These are the previous owners photos.


As you can see, plenty of room! They have a large headboard, two side tables and a long dresser and attached mirror. They also have a second dresser with a TV that is on the opposite wall as the bed. You’ll also notice the two doors in the first photo. The open door goes into the ensuite bathroom and second walk in closet. The first door (which is shut) is the first walk in closet.

The very first decision Dave and I made, was to utilize our closets as much as possible. Neither of us were big “closet people”. Our previous home had small closets and dressers were pretty much the only place we had to store clothes. However, with two huge closets in our new home it seemed to make the most sense. We couldn’t gain back the closet space we didn’t use, so we decided to make the most of it. We sold our dressers and 1 of our nightstands and opened the room up even more. Then we also bought our first NEW furniture pieces, two matching wood nightstands (Homesense). Trust me, this wasn’t a decision we took lightly. We searched EVERYWHERE! And it was impossible to find two used nightstands (with good sized drawers) that matched each other.

Our queen size bed was dressed in a navy peacock feather duvet set (about a year old when we moved in).  We added some window coverings (navy and white sheers), and some canvas art of above the bed (I’m not a fan of headboards, I prefer the look for a great piece of art). As you can see, our lamps are super small and a bit pathetic. They were cheap lamps we were using more for lack of space in our previous home. Now with our large nightstands, we had the space to upgrade to bigger and better.


We also created two alternate spaces in the room on the adjacent walls to the bed. The first area is a reading corner. We purchased a large wooden bookshelf (kijiji find for $50), and an accent chair (also a kijiji find for $50) and created a cozy area to relax. The second space is located in between our two door frames and it contained a dark faux leather storage bench (mostly for extra pillows, bedding, etc) and another piece of art. We kept the wall opposite the bed for a mounted television and floating shelf to hold our blu Ray player and cable box.

Stay tuned for the rest of our upgrades!


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