The Dungeon 

Now I’m going to take you down to our dungeon… I mean basement. You will probably see a lot of posts about this because it’s currently our biggest undertaking. We are doing it all down there, walls, ceilings, floors… Oh, and it’s 1500 sq feet!

We divided up the space and designed from there. The basement will consist of a playroom, pantry, bar, living area, office, full bathroom and storage. Now some of these projects are almost finished, others haven’t been started yet.


These are the photos from the previous home owners. As you can see concrete floors, rough drywall up. And they used it as a hockey practice room.

We started our basement transformation with new floors. We chose a Java walnut laminate floor. Now, you’re either a fan of laminate or you’re not. We chose laminate instead of hardwood for durability. We have beautiful hardwood on our main level, and we have scratches from the dogs, dents from falling toys, etc. Since this floor will be mostly handled by hyper children and drunken men watching wrestling (not at the same time), we wanted something that held up.

Now to start off the basement trend, I’ll do a few before and after shots of what has already been done. To get everyone up to speed!


We closed off under the stairs to create a storage space. The more storage the better!


This is our pantry room. We have a full size freezer, a storage shelf, full size fridge and the wall across from it has a wooden shelf for additional storage. We love to stock up on good deals, to avoid paying full price for anything! With additional storage for food we can actually do it. This is also where we store our alcohol. Keeps it cold without taking up room in the family fridge. We also store things we rarely use, cupcake stand, cake container, cookie jars, etc.

Now let’s move on to the individual spaces! Keep in mind that they are NOT finished, and still need a little to a lot of work! Here we go!


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