The Playroom… Phase 1 

This space stumped us for a while. It was an open area with two large doorways, three large windows, an odd ledge that hid some pipes and just seemed really long and skinny. We debated putting a wall up to divide the space into two equal square rooms. We would have used one as a playroom and one as a guest room. However, we thought about how often we have guests… Maybe one night a year, possibly two. Then it was pretty obvious a guest room (for us) would be wasted space.


These are the previous owners photos of the play space. (Used for hockey practice).

The key to making this space work as a playroom was to have many “stations” of sorts. I designed the room for multiple children at a time. Enough fun things to do without the kids having to share all the time or be on top of each other. It was also designed to be practical and functional. Storage is a must! Let’s have a look.

I started with 3 cube organizers (2X8). I then chose an assortment of colourful canvas cubes to fill this organizer. This is located in the direct centre of the room. It’s located at the far wall, directly between the two windows. (Take note of the mirrored design of the cubes). This storage was purchased exclusively for toys. I figured that this would be a perfect way to display and hide the many pieces that normally clutter.

I also labelled the cubes for easy clean up. And for the cubes that are closed off (without the plastic window) it would provide an easy way to find what you were looking for (without having to remove all the cubes to look inside). We also mounted a 32″ TV, a white, floating shelf with a blu Ray player above this structure for our children’s Disney blu Ray collection.

Next I added come curtains (more for color and privacy than to keep the sun out). I chose to stick to my “mirror” design of the wall. I chose a white sheer and a bold yellow. It was missing something, so I added a white panel to the inside. It doesn’t stand out very much now, but once the walls are primed and painted I think this wall will really pop.

Please excuse the mess of toys in the photo, we were in the process of organizing the canvas cubes and finding homes for the toys.

The next “station” was for the aduts. When monitoring a child, child size furniture just doesn’t seem to cut it. So we placed a pull out couch/love seat and coffee table opposite the cube structure.

This coffee table later turned into a pretty awesome Lego table… But we’ll save that for another post.

Next is the craft station! A place for kids to color, put puzzles together, play with play-doh or clay. Basically do anything they can think up!

We installed laundry room cabinets on the wall for supply storage. This made it easy to keep the items on hand, without having a child be able to have access. Hopefully this will keep the marker to the wall incidents at bay. I selected this photo because it shows the inside of the cabinets as well as the outside. Each door hides a single shelf. Where you will find everything a child needs for arts and crafts! We also re used our old kitchen table in this room for the kids!


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