Gallery wall of… Laundry? 

You read right! I created a gallery wall of laundry for my laundry room! Sometimes I even surprise myself.

I had a decent size wall to work with, lots of light and a desperate need for some color. Since this was going in my laundry room I also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to do it. So I started with a trip to one of my favourite places… The dollar store!

I scored eight frames total. I chose five wood frames that I could paint whatever color I want, and three plastic frames that were already a dark brown color like my cabinets. I decided I would go with a blue accent. Being on the main floor I wanted it to flow with the rest of the level and the cool color theme I had going on. Also because when I think of laundry, water and soapy bubbles come to mind.

I painted my five wooden frames with two separate shades of blue. One was a bright turquoise colour and the other was a muted teal.

Next I took to Pinterest for some free printables and went to town! Check it out!



This is my first gallery style wall, ever. And to be honest I am pretty proud of how it turned out. It filled the space, gave me a pop of colour and was fitting with the “laundry room” theme. I’ve got a few additional accents to organize and then I’ve got a finished room! Stay tuned for the finishing touches and complete set of photos to come!


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