Laundry Today, Or Naked Tomorrow 

I’ve got so many new projects to share I wasn’t sure where to start! I’ve spent the last few days away from the blog and with a paint roller, oh, and beer! I hate painting more than anything but I was tired of the grey/blue walls closing in on me and decided to pick up a roller, recruite my sister and get to work!

We spent several hours this passed Sunday evening (while my hubby enjoyed a night off, watching Wrestlemania)  locked in my laundry room with a few cold Coors and some country music. We are the worst painters in the world but we figured with lots of green painters tape and each other’s help we might make it out alive.

This is the laundry room. Tons of storage, folding counter, nice window to brighten things up. A pretty decent room considering it’s only purpose is to clean clothes.


The room drove me crazy because I just felt that nothing seemed to really match or mingle together. It was like a room of potpourri. Brown tile floor, dark brown cabinets, pure white appliances and blue/grey walls. My goal was to change the paint color to compliment what was already there. I had the Browns in the floor and cabinets, and the pure white appliances. I chose Behr “mineral” (UL170-15), and loved the results! (Pardon my green painters tape in following photos).


Now, this color is a grey/beige and changes colours depending on lighting and what is directly next to it. It keeps the space neutral and clean, but a bit boring and bland. I then decided to add some fun colourful accents to liven it up!

Stay tuned!


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