Baby Lair… Part 1 

This next room is a flash back for me as its already finished and has been for quite some time, but I still love it and am extremely proud.

When Dave and I found out we were expecting we had mixed emotions. Disbelief, fear, excitement and obviously wonder as to who our little growing human would become. We waited for the gender before decorating the nursery because I’m a big fan of “themes”. And although gender neutral nurserys are beautiful I find them a bit, impersonal. A baby will have a nursery until they are, let’s say, three. So I try to create bright, fun and kid friendly rooms that will grow with a baby until that age.

Here are the previous owners photos. (It also served as a nursery for them).



It has a large window, great size closet, and is overall a decent size for a kids room.

I had bedding options picked out for both genders, and we waited until the ultrasound results were received by our family doctor and then placed our order! It’s a boy!

This was my selection. It has tons of fun critters (giraffe, elephant, alligator, birds, turtles etc), tons of different colours (yellow, green, blues, greys, etc) and seemed like a great jumping off point! I felt that it would give me tons of options and I’d be able to go in several different directions in terms of design.

As with my daughters room we decided to go with white furniture. Easy to paint and cover blemishes, will match future decor options a lot easier than a wood tone and helps break up some of the bright, crazy designs that we love in kids rooms!

Next was the paint color choice! Now this is where our decorating took a long stand still. I couldn’t make up my mind! I brought home swatches from all the major colours present in the theme. Yellow, orange, grey, green, light blue, dark blue and none of them seemed right. I was nervous that it would blend too much, or stand out too much, there just didn’t seem to be a happy balance! I debated patterned walls, accent walls, and painting the ceiling. Hubby (after many trips to the paint section) finally gave me the encouragement I needed to get it moving. He told me to go with my gut and develop from there. I still had decals, accessories and accents to purchase so he believed I would find a happy medium in those objects, instead of in one paint color. So I picked what I liked and just went with it!


I chose a Sico paint (the only one in this house!) named “Mint Cocktail”. It’s bright, really bright. And as soon as Hubby had it up on the wall I was questioning my decision! I just kept reminding myself that once the room was filled with furniture it wouldn’t be as “out there”. We tried to keep everything else fairly neutral to down play the walls and keep it fresh.

The next thing was furniture placement. I placed the long white dresser (doubling as a change table) where the previous owner had put the crib. When you walk in, it’s right there! Having the crib there means that in a few months, once our son is standing, he’d be able to peek out into the hallway and could easily receive free entertainment from his crazy sisters room just down the hall. Not really what you want your (suppose to be) napping baby to be doing.

I placed the crib on the furthest wall from the door, and it is also the only wall with no obstruction. (No window, closet or door opening against it). When thinking long term it made the most sense that that wall would house a a twin bed and eventually a queen as he grew. So why place the crib anywhere else?!

Check out Part two for the final decorating touches! We’ve got decals, frames, lamps, and more!


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