Baby Lair… Part 2

Now that the walls are freshly painted and furniture is in place, it’s time to take this room to the next level and get it across the finish line!

We’ll start with my love for decals! I purchased a white tree decal from Kent (I don’t recall the exact price but I seem to remember it being on sale for about $20-$22). Originally it was to be placed behind the crib, however the tree did not go all the way down to the baseboards, and you could see the “floating” tree through the rails on the crib, which just didn’t work for me!

I made a last minute switch and placed the tree behind the long dresser/change table. That way you couldn’t tell where the tree actually ended on the wall, as it was hidden behind the dresser.

Next I used 2 packages of decals that matched my crib bedding and created a “border” type strip on the crib wall. I also saved 3 smaller animal decals to use as framed art. I picked up three 8X10 white frames and three pieces of scrapbook paper. I framed the paper and then placed the decal on the outside of the frame glass. It creates a floating/shadow box effect and is easy to switch out the paper or re use the frames over time.

I also purchased a cube organizer system and some multicoloured canvas cubes for additional storage. I’m a huge fan of these (used them in our playroom as well). You can keep the shelves open, fill them with cubes, or a little of both. Again, it’s a piece that will grow with the baby, and his toys, books, etc.

The third 8X10 frame was also placed on the wall above this storage system. A small lamp allows for a night light type glow when early morning feedings are underway.

And of course, every nursery needs a rocking chair! I searched far and wide for a good chair, and rocking chairs are hundreds of dollars (not in my budget!). I finally stumbled upon a greyish/blue rocker and recliner on kijiji for $20! You read that right! It was an elderly couple who upgraded to something new. The chair itself is old but was still functioning and in great shape. I put it through a pretty extensive cleaning process but it came right back to life and is perfect for baby boys room!

Now that we’ve covered the main points I’ll let you see the finished product! The bedding is in, frames are up, changing pad is covered and in place.

My son is now three months old and we still have the nursery exactly as seen here. We love it!




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