Ensuite Organizing 

I really make it a point to organize everything, all the time. I believe that if everything has a home you can avoid clutter. Plus, it’s a lot easier to find what you’re looking for!

Our ensuite has tons of storage, but I also have tons of stuff! Here is how we manage to keep the clutter at bay while keeping everything within reach.

(Previous owners photo). Our bathroom has a beautiful storage cabinet with tons of shelves. We split this down the middle and used it as a ‘his’ and ‘hers’.

As you can tell I own about 10X the amount of stuff as Hubby does. Girl problems! Now dollar store baskets and a label maker were my salvation in this cabinet. I’ll show you what I mean!

I assigned each basket with its own category for organizing. This makes it super easy to put new items away or find something in a hurry. These are the baskets on Dave’s side. My baskets include: Face, hair, Body, nails, makeup, etc.

Next I’ll take you over to the double vanity.

It’s really hard to get it in a single photo. It consists of nine drawers and two cabinets under the sinks. The left sink is mine and the right is Dave’s. We each use the three outside drawers on our side for personal use. The centre three drawers are our share drawers.

The best thing we ever did was to purchase utensil organizers and cut them to size. Check out our personal drawers!


Try not to judge too harshly on the contents!

Next I used some dollar store baskets and Velcro (to keep them in place) for our shared top drawer.

Now we can check out under the sinks. Dave had no use for storage on his side, so I used it for the cleaning products etc.

Here’s my cabinet under the sink!

I used a white drawer system for my makeup (organized by: eyes, lips, face). My hair tools are stored in the back and I normally have some type of lotion up front that I use regularly but don’t want to leave on the counter. The black square case contains all my awesome makeup brushes.

Well, those are the main areas and my organizing solutions. They really work for us and our busy lifestyle.


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