Master Bathroom – Paint

I love our master bathroom! It’s huge, and has tons of storage! I think every gal dreams of an amazing bathroom, one that houses all the nail polishes I’ve accumulated and make up that rarely gets used but is essential to have on hand. A tub to relax in, and a shower that makes getting clean feel like a day at the spa. And of course Hubby made sure that dream came true when we moved here.

Previous owners photo.

There’s really not a whole lot I wanted to change in our bathroom. The colour (wanted to get rid of builders grey), and getting some blinds for the windows were my main focus.


This is the grey ish blue that was in there when we moved in. It’s not terrible by any means. But, like the laundry room, was just not the look I was going for!

So, I got out my painters tape and went to town!



I used the leftover paint from my laundry room to do the bathroom (Behr “Mineral”). Again, not normally a neutral paint kinda girl, but I really loved the colour and it helped give the bathroom a spa like feel. Plus, most of my accessories are bright colours so it allows them to pop. 

Here’s the finished product! We were really happy with how it turned out. 




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