Kids Bathroom… Part 2

In my previous post you saw me changing the walls from a buttery beige to eucalyptus leaf. The paint selection was especially difficult for this room as there is no natural light whatsoever. It’s a dark bathroom in the middle of a dark hallway. It seemed no matter what color I chose it would look different once in the room filled with artificial yellow light.

In a perfect world I’d have a gorgeous skylight installed in the hallway or bathroom itself and allow the light to flood in. However, that just wasn’t going to happen! I have way too many other areas that need my attention and funding.

Check out my finished paint job (I say “my” but this was 100% hubby).


As you may have noticed, the owl art has been moved from above the toilet to above the towel bar. During painting I came across the monster bathroom art for kids ($9.99/each at Homesense). I loved that they had a white background that popped, that the colors matched most of the room already and that the sayings we’re not repeated. (Washing hands, hanging towel, bathing and teeth brushing.)

I think it turned out pretty great! It’s cute and definitely designed for the kids to grow. It’s gender neutral and versatile for future changes! I could easily change up the towel colors or eventually choose new art for the walls and a new tooth brush holder and make it more teenager friendly.


Here’s the before and after! I find it a lot less yellow, what do you guys think?


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