Laundry, Loads of Fun

A third post for a single laundry room is a bit excessive, but I’m in love! I spend a lot of time in there. Our family does about 5-10 loads of laundry every week. (Lights, darks, towels, bedding, delicates… It adds up!)

You’ve seen the room get a nice, neutral, paint job. You’ve also seen me add some Dollarstore frames as art. Now, check out my accessories!



First, I’ll mention my corn husk baskets at the top of the cabinets. I filled them with our vacuum seal bags (which we use all the time for extra linens, pillows, etc).

Next, the counter. On the left you’ll find our clothes pins, a small blue basket for pocket change and my sunlight stain bars. On the right is an air freshener, tea light, and large blue basket for dryer lint.

Finally you’ll find blue patio placemats on the washer and dryer themselves. Adds a pop of color to the plain white appliances! Choosing a patio placemat is cost effective ($2/each) and also practical since they are designed to get wet.


And my gallery wall is still up! I continue to love it and show it off to visitors. Makes an ordinary laundry room fun and special!

Let’s face it, laundry is a chore that just has to get done. And if you’re going through 5-10 loads a week you might as well enjoy the place you’re doing it!


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