Front Closet 

I feel so bad for my blog followers, I’ve been slacking! (On my entries, not on my projects).

I’ve got a ton of new stuff that I’m working on but everything is at a halfway point, instead of me getting to post completed work/before and after’s. I promise there are lots of exciting things to come! I’ve got a few new kids projects underway, some new basement stuff, and have even started on my outdoor projects as the snow is FINALLY melted.

I’m going to keep this entry short and sweet, as it was a quick fix project/solution. And, because it falls more under organization then an actual DIY or Reno.


I’m talking about my front hall closet. Which drove me up the wall because of the lack of storage on the bottom. It has tons of floor space down there but no matter what I did it always seemed cluttered and messy. I purchased a few cheap $5 shoe racks but it seemed to make the space even worse. So they got demoted to the garage.

I have a hanging organizer in the very centre of the closet for the kids little shoes, so it’s just hubby’s and mine that were the problem. I searched far and wide for DIY solutions, but I wasn’t super in love with any of the ideas. And some cost way too much to just be used as a shoe rack. So ultimately I had an idea to just use the exact same shelf style that was at the top of the closet, and place a foot off the ground for shoes. It is a wire rack shelf, so water or dirt would ultimately fall right through. On one hand that could be great, that your boots aren’t soaking wet, on the other I would end up with a large puddle inside my closet.

This is where Dave came in and mentioned putting a mat down in there, or even a collection tray. Great idea, but frustrating because of the long skinny dimensions. All carpet/mat runners were either too short, or too wide. But what we ended up finding was a storm mat. (Purchased at Home Depot for $9 – dark brown). And the dimensions allowed us to cut it down the middle, length wise and it fit perfectly! Those mats have a very thick rubber backing, designed for the winter months of extra snow.

Check out the finished product!


We use the green kids shoe rack as a divide for our coats and boots. Hubby is on the left, and my stuff is on the right. We try to keep the middle area empty with the extra hangers for guests. The shoe rack now also works great for storing our bags when not in use. (Diaper bag, purse, daycare bag, etc)


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