Fixing Mistakes

I am definitely not perfect. And if you know me, you know I have a long track record of making mistakes. That stands true in the way I decorate. I change my mind and change it again. My poor husband gets dizzy with the circle of ideas I have on the go all the time.

Now this time it was a pretty small mistake that could happen to anyone. But here it is.

I really wanted a chandelier in my bedroom. It’s a pretty big trend right now. Unique light fixtures that are pieces of art themselves, Builders grade are out. Our house is littered with boobie lights (or nipple lights to some), And it just wasn’t romantic in our master.

We saw a beautiful chandelier at Costco that was a cross between a birds nest and tree branches. It was an oval shape, dangling jewels, 9 light bulbs of pure beauty. And I thought it would be perfect. I sat for an hour attaching the chains of jewels and then forced my poor hubby to stand on a chair to put it up.

It was blinding! We had to unscrew 4 bulbs and it was still extremely bright. Also, our light is slightly off centre to the room. This oval design made it seem extremely off. And when you walked in the room this light just… Well, punched you in the face. It was not romantic, it didn’t seem to match any of the decor. It was just all wrong!

So down it came. I felt that it taught me a lot about what I wanted though. I now knew I wanted something smaller. A circular shape would help mask the fact that it was off centre. Less light bulbs, so it didn’t require sunglasses. And a much softer design. (Less metal, more linen or even wood). I shopped around and here’s what I chose.

It’s a 5 bulb, round chandelier with a white fabric shade. The shade matches the bedding and the sheer curtains. It still has crystals but is definitely not as big or over powering.

I love it! Perfect for us and exactly the look and feel I thought I would get from the first. I wouldn’t want to put a chandelier in every room but I definitely see the hype about one in the bedroom.


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