Kids Hallway

As you know I’ve got 2 little monkeys at home (under the age of 4). So with any renovation, or even decorating it is something I always keep in mind. Can the kids reach that? If they yanked on it would it hold? Could I clean it if they took a marker to it? And the most important thing, how to eliminate clutter and create “forever homes” for our stuff. I strongly believe that if items have homes, it will eliminate clutter. You simply place the item back where it belongs and avoid the “stray effect”. (Things that accumulate on tables or shelves that have no place else to go).

Well, as you’ve previously seen I have a play room for the kids on our lower level. We have tons of books and toys and lots of space to play and store. But that doesn’t stop toys from slowly creeping up to our main floor. Mostly small things but recently it’s been books! My daughter loves to read books before bed and even play with a few during the day. I didn’t want to discourage her from doing so but I was getting tired of the dumping of these books on my kitchen table, her bedroom floor or even the bathroom sink. So began the search for solutions.

It seemed like the best place to store some bedtime books would be the kids wing of the house. Both their rooms were at each end of the hallway, with their bathroom in between. Across from their bathroom is an amazing piece of art that was done by “Wee Love”. I’ve been looking for other things to put on the wall without interfering with that amazing piece and I found my storage solution!

I picked up 2 book ledges from Ikea in white. They sell for $14/each I believe and are perfect for books, picture frames and even small toys! I cleaned up the bedtime books that were scattered around our main level and gave them their home! These ledges are extremely sleek and only extend from the wall by about 2 inches. Check them out from the side.

I don’t have to worry about bumping into them or catching a hip on one when I turn the corner. And now both kids can benefit from the selection of bedtime stories. My daughter loves the placement. Once she’s done brushing her teeth before bed she grabs a book on the way out and off she goes to her room.


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