DIY Wood Letter Sign 

I’m a sucker for a good craft project! When I was researching decor ideas for the laundry room I noticed a common trend. Cardboard and wooden letter signs! 


Now I had already used my main wall for my gallery of frames. But I really wanted to incorporate a cute DIY sign somewhere. So here’s what I did. 

Supplies needed:    

First decide on your word. I went with the classic “wash” that you’ll see in my example photos above. A laundry room has lots of choices for words. “Wash”, “dry”, “fold”, “iron”, “soap”, “clean”…. The list goes on and on. This all boils down to personal preference, so don’t over think it. 

I chose a white finished, wooden letter from Michaels craft store. There were a few small scuffs on them from the project which is why I kept my white paint handy for touch ups. You’ll also need a scrapbook paper that can fit your letter (in the pattern of your choice). I chose “blue swirl” as it went with my blue and teal colour theme and slightly resembled soap. 


Trace your letters onto the scrapbook paper and then cut out.  Make sure they fit. Trim if needed. 

If they aren’t perfect, that’s ok! We will clean up the edges later once they are on. Use your mod podge to coat the wooden letter, lay paper on the wet surface. Be quick! You don’t want the paper to tear and you only have a small window to adjust. (Optional: coat the paper with another layer of mod podge).

Now once your letters are dry you have a few options. You can secure them directly on a wall. You can glue them to a background (all letters to one plank, etc). Or, you can do what I’ve done and create a base for your letters to stand upright. This will all depend on where you are going to be placing your letters.


I found a spare piece of cabinet. It was a good length and was nice and heavy. I marked where each letter would sit. Next, tidy your letters before attaching. I used a sanding block around the edges of the paper to clean any overhang and also to distress a bit. Once the letters were good I took screws and came up from the bottom of my board and directly into my letters. Pilot holes will help prevent any mistakes. 


Now my letters can stand upright on the base without fear of falling over. Lastly, place your sign!  


Mine went on top of my cabinets between my baskets. This is directly on top of my counter space and centered between my appliances.  I love it! Another subtle pop of colour. 


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