Dumping Ground

I can’t believe I’m going to show you this. I’m embarrassed but I figured if I was going to shed some light on home renovating then I better be honest about all of it. 

As you know, we’ve been going full steam ahead upstairs (painting, organizing, decorating, etc). I believe we’ve pretty much touched every room in one way or another at this point. But, in doing so we have let our basement (or lower level) go unattended. We closed the door to the downstairs and forgot about it entirely. This meant that the entire lower level got messy, and dirty and pretty much became a dumping ground for unwanted furniture. Not to mention we were in the process of renovating down there BEFORE we let it get, well, bad! 

Now, I’ve made it a personal mission to clean it up. I’m going to devote a bit of time down there each day (while my son naps) to tidying, vacuuming and reorganizing (and eventually finishing) this space. So what better time to snap some photos and show you the disastrous lower level. Here we go! 


The playroom. 


The family room. 


The bar area. Also access to our backyard and hot tub. 


The hallway (office to the left, bathroom in the centre, storage room to the right. (Bathroom door in photo). 


Our bathroom. 




The office. 


Hallway outside of the playroom. Under the stairs storage and walk-in pantry to the left. 

The walk-in pantry.  

Well there you have it! Wish me luck, I’m honestly going to need it! 



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