Spruce Up for Spring

Spring is finally here! After a long, hard hitting Winter, it’s about damn time! Finally the weather is heating up, snow is melting and the days are getting much longer. And with that we begin the venture outside! 

I’ll first begin with the small things you can do to spruce up a house for spring/summer. Whether it’s an apartment with a balcony, a condo or a single family home here is how you can start to get your property summer ready in the spring! 

First, add curb appeal by staining a tired deck. It’s a protectant and water sealant. 


This was the first time I ever stained a deck. And I loved how it looked. Although I was a bit disappointed with some of the wear and tear after a hard winter. I will need to do some touch ups. I stained the deck this past fall and hubby says it might not have had enough time to absorb into the wood and dry before our winter hit. So we are going to touch it up with this same product and will keep you updated on how it holds up. 

Next on the list, add a seasonal wreath! This is a cheap way to pack some punch for any season. I chose a floral arrangement for the summer season with greenery, yellow, pink and purple flowers. Silk wreaths are almost always on sale at Michaels (40%-50% off). And with Silk you get to reuse every year! 

Here are some photos of other wreaths I used for the different seasons. 


Thirdly, flowers! Whether it’s a flower pot, hanging basket or a garden bed it will really spruce it up! 


I made these with a whiskey barrel flower pot, a hanging basket that I repotted and a lily for some height in the centre. A $12 rug from Costco sits in between. 

Lastly, furniture. Weather it’s a bistro on a small deck, an outdoor living room or even a beautiful lounger, you can really set the mood for the season with what furniture you decide to use. 

We set up 2 separate areas (front deck and back deck). On the front porch we scored a beautiful bistro set on kijiji for $40! These normally retail for $100-$150 so it was a great find. 

Then on our back deck we have our outdoor living room set. 


This is a Martha Stewart set from Home Depot. We eyed it for so long and finally we asked a sales person about it and made a deal to purchase the in store demo set. It was already assembled and we saved a ton of money. Retails for about $500 plus tax and we got it for $300 all in! 

Although I’m no where near finished outdoors these few things made a huge difference to brightening up our house and shaking off that long winter. 


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