So Many Toys… 

Just a quick refresh of the post I made not long ago about my terribly messy and unorganized basement. I told myself I would get it cleaned up (a little each day) so that it could become functional again!

Now, it’s still a work in progress but I have in fact been doing just that (although I admit, I haven’t spent as much time down there as I would have liked). I’ve focused a lot of my time and effort in the play area. It always seems to get messy and in order to have the time to work in other rooms I need that room functional to entertain the kiddos. 

Here are the chaotic before photos. 


I’ve focused a lot of my attention on a reading nook/book wall. That’s kinda my daughters go to right now.  So having it cleaned and somewhat organized was important. And with this many toys it’s always a challenge for me. What do I hide away, what do I leave on display? What can I donate and what should I hold onto? Until it’s done I really doubt I’ll have the answers to either of those questions. But let’s check out a few photos of my slow moving progress. 


Not too shabby! Soft circle carpets give extra seating for reading. A Lego table helps store and organize all those blocks. It’s coming along! So for the record I haven’t slacked off ENTIRELY…. 


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