Closet Gut 

My walk-in closet is great, but I had a lot of unused space. I’ve been adding cheap shelves to try to meet my storage needs, but ultimately seemed to be getting no where. 


These are my before photos. I have an awesome Closetmaid tower with 3 bars that I recently had added drawers to. I LOVE their line of storage solutions! But as you can see I rarely use the bar on the left. I looked into storage options for that side. Shelves? Shoe racks? But just couldn’t find what I wanted or needed. I really wanted that custom closet feel but had no idea how to achieve it. I stumbled upon the closetmaid website and under the “design” tab you can actually input the dimensions of your closet and they build the options for you! Mind blown! 


Once you chose the design you like it will provide you with a list of products you need to create it! I picked this option as it used the tower I already had. I did modify the design in a few ways. First, I already had 4 drawers, and that’s all I ever used, so I did not purchase any additional. I also omitted the shelves above the hanging rods. I love the look but really felt it wasn’t worth the additional cost. 

Next step was removing the closet system i already had. Here are a few more before pictures of what I was using. 



Hubby crack filled all the holes from the shelves I already had (since everything was moving). 


And then I got to thinking. Since I was crack filling, and going to have to paint over the wall damage, why not add a pop of colour! So that’s exactly what we did! 


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