The Key to Happiness 

I am blessed. And I say that whole heartedly. We have our health, we’re surrounded by love and family. The ambition and motivation that keeps us young (or so I like to think). We watch our family grow and evolve and shed tears at the beauty in each passing moment. And I have been dying for that constant reminder.

I have been thinking of doing a “brag wall” of the kids. But ultimately decided on a gallery style after helping my mom create one of her own for her grand kids. I debated what to include, and in the end I decided on a collection of my favourite family moments. My pregnant belly while expecting my son, my daughter a few hours old, Dave and I being silly together (which basically describes our relationship). 

Since we moved I’ve had a pile of frames without homes. And with an entire level that is unfinished it looked like they’d be homeless for a while. So I spent a few hours on my computer, picking my favourite prints and having them printed in the correct size. Next, I took to the floor to lay out and plan my design. Once I have a look that I like, I snap a few photos! I can refer back to the design, zoom in, compare, etc as my project gets underway. 


I also incorporated each family members first initial. I was nervous that all frames would be too boring (especially without colour), this spiced it up a bit for me. 

I chose to use a key in the centre. It’s a symbol for us as “the key to happiness”. This all comes back to perspective. Hubby always finds the perfect time to remind me of this. Whether it’s my daughter learning all the letters in the alphabet or my son laughing for the first time. Even a cold beer on the patio on a beautiful night. He always says “We’ve found the key to happiness”. So it’s kinda our thing now. 


The easiest way to complete a gallery wall successfully is to start in the very centre and build out. My centre is easy as I chose my symbolic key. Once placed in the centre of the wall I gradually marked frame by frame what would be to the left of the key. I used my reference photo of my floor design for spacing and positioning. 


This wall was extremely tricky as it is in a stairwell. Basically everything past the key was extremely high off the ground and required hubby to use a ladder on the stairs. A dangerous balancing act. I am so happy with the finished product! Glancing at my wall makes me gleam with pride. 

Please excuse the terrible lighting (it’s on my ever growing to-do list – I swear!) 

Here’s the finished product, hope you enjoy! 



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