Emerald Cedar 

Having zero landscaping done can be a blessing and a curse. It’s a blank canvas, waiting to be customized, and also a ridiculous amount of work (not to mention money!)

If you’ve never landscaped, the cost can easily go into the thousands. Our next door neighbour had his lawn professionally landscaped (they evened out his lawn and hydro seeded) and it costs him over $20 000! That’s not including any trees, flower beds, etc. Just for grass!

When we moved in, our yard was about 95% field. Not soft green grass that the kids could play in, but sharp wheat like field that was littered with rocks and who knows what else. We were able to mow down the field and get some nice soft areas of beautiful green grass. There are still rogue rocks and patches of yard with no grass at all. But this year we are planning to fix that. We’ve been working at picking up rocks and racking out the yard. Soon we will seed the patches and before long it will be thick and green everywhere.


We have no flower beds, no trees, nothing to block the wind or create privacy from our neighbours. Our land flows right into the land of our neighbours without any distinction between the two. And since we have two children, and two dogs this can pose a problem. How do we stop our dogs from pooping at our neighbours house? How do we keep the kids out of our neighbours backyard? A fence seemed to be the obvious answer. But why move to the country only to put up a fence? We debated a hedge. But they need to be pruned and trimmed. They also take time to get to a hight that is even noticeable by the kids. We searched and decided on emerald cedar trees. They grow tall, and skinny. Don’t require trimming or any up keep really.

We decided to place them on the property line… But quite far apart. We didn’t want the yard to feel closed in, but needed a bit of a barrier for the kids. As they grow they can also act as protection from our crazy winds. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Trees are expensive. We got each tree at Home Depot (they are 5 feet tall) for $19.99! Which is a really good deal. They also offer a year warranty on them. So if they die, break, etc you can return them!


We really loved the look it gave to the side of the house so we duplicated the trees on the other property line as well. On the first side (seen above) we used the trees more as. Privacy from our neighbour. We place them where their house was located to obstruct the view slightly. As they grow bigger and thicker it will provide a ton of privacy for both us and our neighbour.

On the other side of our property we used the trees as a division, instead of privacy. Our neighbours on that side hates dogs. So we felt the trees would give their yard some protection from ours.

I know it’s not much, but it’s a start for us! We will continue to add throughout the summer. We are ambitious but we also understand that this will take several years to eventually become the outside oasis we dream about.

We are already mid project on some other new outdoor improvements so stay tuned!


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