Secretary Desk

I am beyond excited to share this with all of you!

Recently I found a steal of a deal on kijiji and purchased a secretary desk (the missing piece to my front entry). I got the solid wood desk for $30. Which, if you’ve ever priced these out is an awesome deal! Check it out!

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with the piece (other than some dated hardware) but it was missing that bit of “pop”. After all, I wanted it to be a statement piece, an accent, not fade into the background.

So, for the FIRST TIME EVER I decided to chalk paint! I was terrified, and overwhelmed. But once I got going it really wasn’t that bad!

I went for “FAT paint”, mostly because it seemed the easiest (no striping, priming, sanding, etc). But I also liked that there was no odour and I could do it inside the house while the baby slept.

I took the drawers out and door off and rested it on some saw horses in the middle of my entry/living room. Laid a tarp underneath to catch falling paint and off I went!


I chose “indigo” as the colour based on where I’d be placing it. I have a navy accent wall in my living room and I felt that this would tie in to that wall while being able to pop against the neutral wall and wood floor where it would be placed.

The first coat was the worst. Partial coverage, blotchy, etc. I had that nervous gulp moment where i second guessed myself and the entire project. But I ventured on!


The second coat was much better! It really started to cover and look “finished”. There were certain areas I touched up by adding a third coat but overall two covered well.

Once the painting is finished the desk needs to be sealed. I chose the FAT paint patina wax. It gives it an antique look because of the colour (dark brown wax).

**I apologize in advance for the upcoming photos. I had a very hard time photographing the piece once wax was applied (flash issues, it kept looking blotchy in the photos, etc). The photos do not do it justice but you’ll get a good idea.**


The drawer furthest to the left has yet to be waxed so you can see the darkened antique effect vs the paint alone.

I also added some new hardware. I chose a simple design in an antique nickel finish (silver with a hint of black). It stood out against the blue without looking out of place. We also have quite a bit of black and silver in the adjacent kitchen as well as in the fireplace in the living room.


I am really proud of this project as I went in blind and ended up with such an amazing finished piece. I think I’ll be doing a lot more chalk painting now that I’ve gotten my feet wet! Stay tuned!


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