Kitchen Stools

After my indigo secretary desk I was determined to paint ALL my furniture. But since I was still getting the hang of it I decided to go with something I had debated getting rid of. We have two maple colour bar stools that are mismatched (one is about an inch taller). And we rarely use them. However, since we have been making a few changes to our kitchen area (which you’ll get to see soon), I decided to make room for them and attempt some further chalk paint.

There is really nothing special about these. Just a plain wooden stool. I decided for this project I’d like to try distressing and scuffing up. But when you do so with chalk paint you bring out the colour underneath. And these are not really an attractive colour to begin with.



I purchased a $5 can of satin espresso spray paint and decided to simply change the base colour. This way when I scuff it up it’ll show the nice espresso colour instead of the yellowish maple. I wasn’t super thorough with it, after all I was planning on covering it up.

Next step is the Fat paint! I chose “Apple” as my colour for these because I have a green theme going in there.


The first picture shows the difference between one coat and two. They say between two and three coats work best. But I kept it at two for these. Since I was distressing them I felt like it would be a waste for crazy coverage. The purpose is for them to look old, and rough.

Next I distressed. I tried to keep it realistic. The places feet would have been sitting, the corners when they were bumped against, etc. The espresso makes its appearance!

Now for the wax, I used the patina Fat wax again (same as my secretary desk) as it gives it an old, rustic look. In this photo you can see the difference between no wax and the patina wax. I left quite a bit of the wax on as I liked how it looked dirty.  



Here they are! Apple green stools done in Fat paint. Now they are a feature piece instead of something I want to hide or throw in the garbage. I’m pleased with the results and I think you’ll be seeing a lot more chalk paint from me in the near future.


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