DIY Dress Up Wardrobe 

I’m sure you’ve all seen the adorable dress up closets and wardrobes that flood Pinterest on a regular basis. And if you’ve got a princess obsessed daughter, like mine, you may have looked into purchasing or making your own. To buy one you would be looking at at least $100. Although the ones with tons of storage go for double that. And naturally I didn’t want to pay anywhere near that.


The DIY version is to use an old dresser or TV unit to turn it into a little girls dream dress up closet. But after pricing out a closet rod, paint, a wallpaper for the interior, hardware, a mirror AND the cost of a used piece of furniture, it didn’t seem like the best option for me. I threw away that dream (secretly I kept it on the back burner without telling Dave). But then one day while searching the local classifieds online I found something that quickly brought that idea back into focus!


At first glance it really doesn’t look like much. But if you look closer you’ll see what I saw. A closet rod/bar already in place. Removable/adjustable shelving. And it’s already white! (Which matches my playroom furniture).

I scooped this up for $20! I’m not going to lie to you, it was pretty rough looking in person. I’m guessing it was previously used as a pantry. There were lots of food stains, rusty circles from canned goods. The bottom even looked like some kind of laundry detergent spill had been left to die. But after an amazing clean up it wasn’t bad! I picked up a can of flat white spray paint and used it to touch up any rough spots that didn’t clean well.

The hinges and hardware were in terrible shape. We looked at replacing but we couldn’t find a hinge small enough. Hubby ended up sand blasting them which removed all the rust (we got lucky there!) I did end up purchasing two new door pulls.

Now to put it all together!

Brought it into the playroom and wiped it down with a wet cloth. Now the magic happens. My daughter had been previously gifted with a package of Princess wall decals. Since her room had no available walls for them I decided to set them aside until I could find them a home. And what better way to dress up a wardrobe fit for a princess then with the Disney gals themselves.

Since the side panel is the most seen (based on the location of the wardrobe) I decided to place my daughters favourite princesses there. (Ariel, Aurora, Snow White and Rapunzel). This photo shows the first princess decal going on and you can even see my new chrome door pull (the doors had not yet been attached).

Now I realize that decals are not the most glamorous thing on a piece of furniture. But ultimately this is for a three year old and I felt that saving money, and using what I already had were the right choice. Once she’s 6-8 I can easily update with something more long lasting and mature.

Next I added a princess to each door. Each princess came with a few accent stickers based on their story.

Here you’ll see a close up of two stickers that joined Cinderella on the right door.  And then it was finally time to add items to the inside! I placed my shelves and began adding our extensive collection of crowns/tiaras, headbands, necklaces and bracelets. I placed a shelf at the bottom of the closet bar as well. Eventually it could house shoes or purses.

I also had two remaining princess stickers that I placed on the inside of the door as well.

Ta-Da! It’s all finished! I am beyond excited for my daughter to see it completely finished and ready for her. She’s enjoying a visit at her grandparents house for the week but I’m counting down the days until she’s home and I can surprise her!

The end cost of this was around $40. Which was much more reasonable in my eyes. $20 for the wardrobe itself, $5 for a can of spray paint, $8 mirror and the new handles which were a couple bucks each. Not bad if I do say so myself!


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