Daughters’ Storage Bench

I finally finished my daughters deacons bench! This has been sitting in our garage untouched for a year. I knew what I wanted to do to it but I just hadn’t gotten around to getting it done. This was an unfinished kijiji purchase that I wanted to personalize to my daughters taste and decor. I believe I got this bench for, $30? But it was a long time ago so I can’t say for certain. Although there are about a dozen for sale in my area alone right now and they all go for about $30-$50 depending on size and finish.


It’s nothing special, Plain ol’ storage bench. It had a lot of dents, knots and overall wasn’t in the best shape. I was nervous to paint as I was scared these flaws would show through a white finish.

063 064 069

I took the FAT paint to it and painted it warm white to match her existing furniture in her room.


When it comes to FAT paint, or any chalk paint for that matter, the first coat is scary. It shows all brush strokes, and a patchy finish to it. This piece had a lot of knots in the wood and imperfections as well which show through. Don’t get discouraged!

122 124

After two coats I was pleasantly surprised by the coverage. There were a few spots that I hit with a third coat. But overall I was very impressed. The only downfall to this project was the fact that it was untreated/unfinished wood. This was a problem because it absorbed the paint like it was its job! Normally with FAT paint a little goes a long way, but for this project it ate an entire pint like nothing. Next time I work with unfinished wood I would definitely spray it white first, just as a base. And to save myself the more expensive FAT paint.


Next I attached hand painted wooden letters to the front of the bench. I used screws on the inside to attach. A lot of people go with wood glue but I was nervous about ruining the finish. This way I can also unscrew and repaint if her decor changes. Instead of chiseling them off and risk ruining the bench and the letters to attempt to change.

Lastly I attached the lid and placed it in her room. Here’s the finished product!

004 005 008

I think it goes great with her Ariel/Little mermaid theme and adds lots of storage for her stuffed animal collection, and dolls of course.


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