The Bar 

We have this vision to turn the basement into the ultimate entertainment space. That plan includes a bar area. A table for nachos and chicken wings during a game. Or to grab a drink on your way to the hot tub. 


As you can see, the vision was lost to home renovations and junk. Recently Dave has put in time to finally finish off the floor. 

It makes the room look and feel so much bigger! Such a large, open concept, entertainment space now. And with the floor finally done we could actually move in the bar furniture and begin a temporary set up. Obviously walls still need finished but it allows us to use the space in the mean time. 

We have our pub table, which is perfect for snacking. It’s also in the perfect place to still watch the TV while doing so. 

Next we have our beer taps for Dave’s homemade beer. It’s not yet set up but you’ll get the idea . Always cold and holds up to 6 different kinds at once. Perfect for a man cave. 

And we decided to steal our beautiful wood and metal shelf from the kitchen to use in the bar. It’s decorative and would make a great display for wine bottles and a large collection of beer mugs we have. 

It’s definitely not finished but Im trying to keep my promise to myself to get our lower level up and running. It’ll take lots of cleaning and there are still a lot of jobs to do (can we take a moment to check out the ceiling, or lack there of). However, at this point, any task complete is a victory to me! My ever growing to-do list now has flooring crossed of. Now to move on to the next item… 


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