Kitchen Organizing

There’s only so much that can be done in a newer kitchen. It’s not beneficial to replace new cabinets, or new countertops. Sure, you can paint, but there’s very little wall visible due to cabinets and appliances. 

But today I want to share something that I think is crucial to any kitchen. And again, I’m no expert. These are things I have tried and liked and I’m always continuing to look for ways to improve on kitchen organization. Order behind the cupboard doors is just as important as the cupboard door itself. 

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. And I believe that. It is used by young and old, company, short term guests, etc. It needs to be functional and organized for everyone. 

Did you know that they make drawer organizers for things other than utensils? Most people don’t. I picked up a large compartment organizer for a top drawer of ours that houses our scissors, measuring cups, can openers, etc. This drawer used to be up recognizable. Finding anything was a nightmare. And although the compartments store multiple items it is much easier to locate things. Everything is visible (not on top of each other and pushed to the back). 

I trimmed the edges of this one and used it to create a long, skinny spare compartment on the side where I store the barbecue tools and my dry erase markers for my calendar on the fridge. You could easily use the side panel for dish clothes, or sandwich bags. 

The other part of my kitchen that drove me crazy was my baking cupboard. I had all my supplies (flour, sugar, corn starch, baking soda, icing sugars) but they were all thrown in there and every time i needed something I felt like I had to empty the entire cabinet to find that one thing. 

I took a trip to my local Walmart and picked up some large containers commonly used for cereals and crackers. I grabbed my label maker and got to work.

I struck out with small containers for my other items. However a few days later I went to the Dollarama and hit a goldmine. 

They are plastic with pop up tops, and were dirt cheap! I organized what I had left and labeled them. Take a look. 

Everything fit perfectly. And was clearly visible. No more open bags and oversized boxes. I loved them for my cupcake/cake items as well. 

I stored all my cupcake liners in a container and my sprinkles, candles, toothpicks, food colouring, etc in its own “decorating” container. 

This is my baking cabinet now that it’s all organized. It has been a few months since I’ve done this and it still looks exactly like this. It’s easy to store new items/bags in behind my tall containers at the top (as spares and refills). Handles are all pointed out, and labeled for easy view. 


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