Garden Bed

Here in the country we run on well water. This means we all have a huge well pipe hanging out in our front yards. Most people stick a rock in front of them or hide them underneath a little wooden wishing well. Dave and I decided to use ours as the perfect location for a garden bed. 

You can see our well in the far right of this photo. 

So we got out the tractor and started digging! The plan was to create a large bed for some shrubs. Eventually they would help mask the well without burying it. We need to have access to it all the times, so we can’t plant anything too close or that’ll get too wild. 

For plant selection we chose a forsythia. It’s leaves turn bright yellow in spring and green the rest of the year. They get big and bushy and are extremely beautiful. Here’s some pictures of it. 

Ours is extremely small but eventually it will fill out. We placed it forward in the bed and used the well and a large rock as decoration behind it. 

I also through in some bulbs to add some colour for the rest of the summer. However there are still no flowers to show. If any grow it will be late but I will update with photos. 

Here it is from further away. The shapes not perfect but it will be a low maintenance bed with a touch of greenery and colour. I’m extremely happy with it and I’m anxious to see growth over the years. I promise to snap a photo come spring when the plant has yellow leaves! 


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