Front Garden

These last few weeks I’ve been really trying to get a push on some outdoor projects. We only really get 3 months of nice weather (or so it seems) and since the previous owner of our house did zero to landscape, the list is quite lengthy of things to do.

One of the biggest projects we had planned was to add a large flower garden to the front of the house on both sides of our front porch. This post has really been a LONG time coming! We began preparing for this last fall and have recently completed!

Let’s start with a few before photos so you know what I’m talking about.

11221718_10155620111430721_5287408787241360248_n 11239621_10155620111100721_5187030650308741373_n 11390015_10155620112015721_6341128807983098773_n 11391332_10155620111285721_6992072472108574240_n

Now you may be wondering what the white pipes are about. When they build the house they attached all the gutters to point TOWARDS the house. Now anyone who has owned a home knows that is the wrong way to do it. You want all water to flow away from the foundation to avoid cracking and flooding issues down the road. Lucky for us, the house was only 2 years old so there was no damage done. Dave used pipe to run our gutters out the side of the house, down the hill and into the field.

There’s a lot of rock and uneven ground and a serious lack of curb appeal happening overall. So we began the long journey to create these huge beds.

11403121_10155787749965721_3047662167503589454_n (1) 11693835_10155787751785721_5162559213113496303_n

After the pipes were installed and working properly we loaded the area up with tailings. We racked them out and used them to help level off and ensure proper drainage. You don’t want to have areas that water will pool or collect.

Next we collected rocks from the property to use as a retaining wall of sorts. We were determined not to have to purchase stone, so we used our free shall!

11329866_10155749980440721_8795997603084043761_n 11666247_10155802544000721_3094599323699740282_n 11692798_10155749976760721_3267785678942764189_n 11822328_10155883891575721_4741829929448968987_n

Here are a few shots of the progress that took place as we build our garden.

18310_10155883884740721_1570141581394570619_n 11144994_10155883891765721_9055218056189301000_n 11822761_10155883891650721_2125104865661389236_n

After the tailings we did a layer of top soil and then a final layer of mulch. I’ve got a few stray rocks that I’m working with to finalize the wall and make sure it’s secure but you’ll get the idea, here it is!

11015736_10155883895965721_4009578596088649326_n 11214347_10155883895510721_5226666167736772858_n 11268037_10155883896295721_9100293459775618868_n 11825561_10155883891825721_1749325951844416518_n 11828593_10155883895745721_3639322297614704511_n 11831704_10155883896425721_5510819970058302260_n

Not bad for free rocks that were laying around and some hard work! Please excuse the odd piece of wood, rock or dirt that are shattered in the photos. We are still working on some landscaping elsewhere. This is a huge accomplishment for us and although it doesn’t seem like much, it was an enormous undertaking. Digging up rocks that were too heavy to carry, tons of tailings, dirt and loads and loads of mulch. We planted a few perennials in the beds (peonies, hostas, snowball hydrangeas) and are looking forward to adding to our plants next spring.


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