Third Bathroom – Tiling

As you know we have been slowly working on finishing our basement/lower level. We have a roughed in bathroom that we have added a door to and used as an extra storage room. Recently we decided that for this winter we would like to have it up and running as at least a powder room. Working toilet, sink, walls and floor.


Here it is, in all its glory. A chair, hot tub chemicals, flooring material for the bar. You name it, it gets stored in here at any given time. First things first, is to start cleaning out the space so we can actually see how much room we are working with.


We picked up a vanity that was nice and small on sale at home depot. Its white with drawers and a cupboard. White sink included. This bathroom is far from large. And most people would probably select a pedestal sink to utilize on space, but for us this will be a third bathroom, and mainly for our guests. And having a place for them to put a makeup bag, toothbrush or even a set of face cloths and hand towels was important.

11811376_10155883882095721_2684465350999974670_n 11828545_10155883882365721_1964362253833184011_n

Here it is out of its box! I think it’s pretty cute. Nothing fancy, but it’ll do the job!

Next we chose flooring. I have had our flooring picked out for months. I took a photo of it in Home Depot to show Dave and when we finally decided it was time to look back into the idea of it, it was gone. I asked an employee there about it and she said with a sku number she could look it up, or see if any more was due to come in. Luckily I refuse to clear my photos off my phone. I went back a few months and there it was! And the sticker was in the photo… i zoomed in and Voila – a sku! She then checked the computer only to find out that they had some! It was apparently on a pallet somewhere, never having been restocked on the floor. And it was now a clearance item! So we snagged the exact tile I wanted at $10 off a box! Score!

11222412_10155883884010721_680381500616218571_n 11800387_10155883883850721_7279516662844471194_n 11811356_10155883883775721_3208049214323793400_n

We laid it out first to make sure we liked it in the space and the colors were what we wanted. It is a porcelain tile made to look like weathered wood. There are lots of brown, beige, grey and whites visible in the tiles so it made it easier to decide on finishes, wall color, etc since we weren’t restricted to one color pallet.

11701212_10155883894995721_729638304212219159_n 11811558_10155883895365721_3737862907945653063_n

Next, Dave tiled the floor! It hasn’t yet been grouted or sealed but you’ll get the idea of the look of it now that it’s cut and placed. Not bad right? We still need to finish up the drywall in there (we have the sheets of drywall, just haven’t gotten it up yet). Then it’ll be hooking up the vanity and adding a toilet. Not a bad start if I do say so myself. Keep your eyes open for more updates on this bathroom as the winter fast approaches.


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