If you’re new to landscaping I will always (hands down) recommend a hosta! It’s pretty much impossible to kill. It is very structured, and can be split/divided. They add some greenery and require no maintenance.

The side of our house is the first thing you see when you drive down our road. Our house is on an angle so it’s really in your face. We turned to trustee hostas to dress it up a bit without having another huge garden to take care of.


This is the ugly plain side of the house. We have a small window for the third bathroom, and the large window is the second window in the home office.


11781668_10155883884715721_6650276821417508184_n 11813332_10155883884820721_6789818779570899909_n

As with every landscaping project we first began with tailings. Covering some of the larger rocks and also to make sure the water would drain down to the back yard and not stay near the house or the foundation.

11781619_10155883886865721_3515993294356929781_n 11781897_10155883888425721_7926085890925037137_n

Next it was time for some soil, and placing the plants where I wanted them. Trying to get the spacing right and make sure they were out far enough from the house that they could really expand. We also added a yellow clematis and trellis in the center to help fill in some of the dead space.

20285_10155883889260721_4286444742430056309_n 11817074_10155883889310721_5791984847283089916_n 11831784_10155883889410721_5697255753383288086_n

Once the hostas were placed Dave planted them. Lastly is the fresh mulch around each one. It took a lot of mulch and we still ran out so please don’t mind the last few photos. We haven’t gotten a chance to get more but I wanted you to see how great they look.

10443538_10155883890040721_7952896161478866131_n11701221_10155883890775721_8334789486664508507_n 11822607_10155883890860721_1115597591883988401_n

As they grow they will really fill out and add a nice touch to the side of the house. Once the yard is cleaned up a bit i’ll take a few shots from far away (once the mulch is also topped up).


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