Office – Gut

I love having an office. I know I’m not a business mogul or own my own company but its nice to have a place to go. No kids, just a place to get creative. I also see it as the “utility room” to a family. It houses bills, tax documents, I have calendars and budgets, grocery lists and plans for each day.

But when we moved into the Dream Home my office vision was seriously lost. It quickly became a dumping ground for anything miscellaneous that didn’t seem to belong in other rooms. It got out of hand extremely fast. Check out the before shots.

10733969_10155559222705721_417411230283861214_n 10982362_10155559222620721_2069566715700704578_n 11259044_10155559222910721_6531284663713391508_n 11709633_10155883880145721_4863141194064651112_n

The office has two amazing size windows which is perfect because it gets natural night all day long. But with my huge executive desk and hutch it made placement of furniture very difficult. I tried cleaning up, getting a working surface organized and tidy. But it became very clear that this desk was just not going to work.

11800568_10155883879890721_5710405505487729879_n 11817091_10155883879900721_1282435951247051941_n

I needed storage and places to put printers, my laptop, pencil holders, you name it! And my desk only allowed me three drawers (one of which was for files). The hutch only housed items that I didn’t have room for on my overcrowded bookshelf. Like binders, textbooks. I got so frustrated that I decided to just start over. I sold off my desk on kijijij, and cleaned the room out entirely. I decided I needed a new look, new design, something customized for me and what I plan to do in this room. A blank slate, or new canvas if you will. Here it is.

11057673_10155883893915721_2490692228517492232_n 11796259_10155883894115721_7189569811394194317_n 10999643_10155883894565721_5005830233828091805_n11796238_10155883893650721_5449756596240368445_n11813289_10155883893485721_2396688726355104729_n11831695_10155883893735721_1116390272593913344_n

Stay tuned for the big things I have planned for this room. Even if I have no idea what those plans are yet.


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