DIY: Hop Scotch

As most of my readers, I am a Pinterest addict. I am constantly looking for ideas, things to try, paint colors, organizing tips, etc. I always find something on there that I love and need, or want to try.

Since the birth of my second child I have been searching for ways to keep the kids entertained. But there are always challenges. Things need to appeal to both genders. So although my daughter is a princess and loves everything pink and full of sparkles, her baby brother may not grow up to feel the same. I also strive to find things that will last for years. A playroom that can adapt as they grow and be re used. A playhouse with options for baby swings, or big kid swings, etc.

And recently I stumbled upon a fun idea on Pinterest that brought me back to my childhood. Hop Scotch!

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I’ve read a lot of other blogs, and how-to posts and it seemed that everyone uses flat cement blocks/pavers. They paint the backgrounds and numbers directly on top. Some leave on the grass and others dig down to sink them into the ground. I knew this was a project I had to do!


I used 11 pavers for this project. They were plain grey, and had a textured wave on one side. But I flipped them over and the back was smooth. I used that side for my painting. I really struggled with color selection for this. I wanted the rainbow, because it has all the colors. But then I began to think of all the different spray paint cans I’d have to purchase to create it. And then my quick and easy project turns into an expensive one, very quickly.

I chose 3 colors, blue, yellow, and orange. I decided to place the hop scotch squares in between our playhouse and our trampoline. And I pulled colors from both those items. (Yellow is the accent on our playhouse, blue is the color of the trampoline, and the straps we use to secure them to the ground are orange).

093 094 097

We used spray paint and it took about 3 coats to really get a good color. I had picked up Krylon spray paint but I strongly recommend the Rustoleum spray paint instead (found at Home Depot). They have paint and primer in one and the coverage is a lot better than the Krylon. Especially since the pavers absorb the paint.

114 121

The coverage for the yellow pavers was so bad that I actually went out and bought the better spray paint to finish the project.


The yellow was slightly different, but it didn’t take long at all to have it re painted and looking awesome. Make sure you have thought out your design as well as your numbers before you start painting. It is a lot easier if you already know how many blocks in each color and which numbers go on which color blocks.


I hand painted my number (because I’m a fool like that). I used a white exterior paint with a foam brush. It would have been a lot easier to use a stencil but I tend to always do things the hard way. I let them dry in the driveway, as they were in full sun and it took a matter of minutes for it to be dry to the touch.

020 022

I was pretty happy with how the blocks turned out. Although I will be adding a black outline to the white numbers on the yellow blocks. I don’t find there is enough contrast with the yellow. I was pretty happy with how they turned out in terms of coverage and the intensity of the color. Do not get discouraged by coat one and two! The third coat really seals the deal!

029 030

Then I placed them together! You can barely see the white numbers on the yellow in this lighting, but with the outline it should be perfect. I also decided I would sink them into the yard so I can mow directly overtop of them. That should make it easier on us in terms of maintaining our lawn.

Once the outline is finished and they are placed in the ground I will update with some new photos. But what do you guys think? Not too bad for some leftover blocks and 3 cans of spray paint. My daughter loved them (although she admitted right away to not knowing what it was). I quickly taught her how to play and now she’s out there constantly on it. Hopping around and counting as she goes. I strongly recommend this as a DIY, really easy and popular with the kids!


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