Office Redesign

You have recently seen me gut my entire office for lack of function and organization. So I took to the drawing board and thought long and hard about what I needed this room to do for me.

First off, I’m a crafter. In more ways then one. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m an amateur sewer and quilter. I also paint (mostly on canvas), I am trying my hand at woodburning, paper art, and I also dabble in interior design, blogging, and furniture refinishing. In other words, I’m all over the place, all the time.

With such a wide variety of hobbies, I found it challenging to organize a work space. I’m constantly switching out my computer for a sewing machine or printer. Moving pens and paper because I need to use glue and crayons. It can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. Not to mention the amount of storage you need for all of these hobbies!

So my first order of business, was a work surface! It’s nice to have a desk to have a printer, computer and work light set up. But once that is placed, where do you do the actual work? Who says you can only have one desk in an office anyway?

So when designing this room I made sure to incorporate two desks. One for my electronics, and one that will be completely free of that, just to work. But what about chairs? Do I really need two chairs, one at each desk? No. And having two chairs means that one will always be empty. So my next obstacle was to create a double work space, with only one chair. Check.

Next thing was storage, and I needed a lot. I did some research and found that a lot of crafters recommend the “Alex Series” from IKEA. Their line offers cabinets with multiple shallow drawers for storing smaller items. (Perfect for scrapbook paper, spools of thread, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Once I had decided on the style of cabinets I wanted (I opted for the Alex series based on the amazing reviews). It was just a matter of ordering and assembling.

Ok, now its not finished by any means but here’s some updated photos as well as a break down of each area/work station.

044 045

My bookshelf and painting area. My easel is folded in the corner, my paint is on display (with buckets to hold my paint brushes).

057 069

My sewing cart which holds my sewing machine and all my quilting supplies as well as leftover fabrics and upcoming projects. This storage cabinet is on wheels so I can easy move around as needed.


These cabinets pretty much hold it all! Woodburning tools and supplies, scrapbook paper, sketch pads and pencils, etc.


The desk! This has my laptop, work light, my chair and drawers for additional office supplies.

053 054

And of course I have labelled everything for easy access and clean up.

048 049

I also have a wire/clothesline at the top of the wall. I currently use it for motivational quotes, but over time that could change to photographs, finished projects, or to-do lists.


I have two shelves behind the door that hold my favourite Behr paint booklets, my fan deck and a couple books/magazines for inspiration.

Ok, now that you’ve seen the individual areas, let’s check it out all together.

059 060 061

I did add a smaller version of my computer desk to the middle of the room for a clean work surface. I also arranged it so that I could easily turn my chair around and be right there.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below!


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