Couch Dilemma

When we purchased the Dream Home we were proud owners of a brand new Costco sectional. It was a huge and luxurious purchase believe it or not. I was known for taking in unwanted couches and Dave was all about the Walmart couch/futon. So spending hundreds of dollars on a brand new couch was unheard of for us. 


It was grey and only had 2 pieces despite its size. It was incredibly comfortable and we were spoiled that we could both easily stretch out during movies. 


 Now the problem arose a few months later when our sectional rested in its new home. We loved how the grey matched the fireplace stone, and it fit in our living room nicely. But, every time it was time to watch TV the fighting began. Who would get the chaise. (The only seat which was facing the TV). Everyone would cram themselves on that small cushion and the rest of the couch seemed to go unnoticed or unused. 
It took months before we finally decided to rotate the couch so it would face the television. 

Now this solved our Television issue but it also brought to light several other frustrations. For starters, it took our open concept living room and closed it off. Because the couch could only be assembled one way, it left half the couch with its back turned on our dining guests. Entertaining became a nightmare. The size of the sofa worked against us by creating a narrow hallway between itself and the wall. (Seen in the previous photo). It became quite clear to us that this couch just wasn’t going to fit in this space the way we needed it to. We debated long and hard and finally sold it on kijiji for just about what we paid (it was only a year old when sold.) 

Next, we purchased an oversized, plush couch. It also had a matching ottoman. This couch was a beast. Photos do not do justice to the size. We had this couch in our living room for about 12 hours. The idea of it seemed like a great idea, but the execution did not go as planned. It was too plush. It had no structure and when you sat on it you literally fell inside and had to struggle your way back up. Next, the color. It’s beige but once home you could clearly see accent threads of red, orange and green. And our main level falls almost entire on the cool side of the color wheel. It clashed terribly. We sold it on kijiji and decided to try another option. 

We purchased two matching love seats from my mom. She rarely used them as they were in her basement living room and she gave them to us at a steal of a deal. They are in great shape. But they took up a lot of room. And technically only seated four. And you were pretty much on top of each other when sitting together. We made this work for a few months and then finally bit the bullet and scored an amazing deal on the couch of our dreams. 

We got another grey sectional, from Costco. This time we made sure the chaise was on the appropriate side to allow for an open concept living space. This one also comes with an ottoman that can also be pushed to the couch for extra seating. We saved $700 off the total cost of this sofa by purchasing the last one. Costco always has display models at a discount if there are running low on stock. Watch for items you are looking to purchase as you can save big by taking them off their hands. They constantly are moving in new product and often they need to make room and are willing to cut amazing deals for large items. Keep it in mind when thinking of big ticket purchases. 


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