Dog Supplies – Storage

I’ve had a few requests for a post in regards to dog food and accessory storing. I put it off because I was still working on my own solutions. I was looking for options that would work for our family. After our recent lose of our dog Maddie, I decided it was time to really clean up our dog supplies and really get closure by removing the things that belonged to her that we no longer need. 


Our laundry room has tons of storage and we utilize every inch. As you know, we use 2 sets of upper cabinets for linen storage. (1 set of uppers for kids’ linen, 1 set for adult size linen). The centre cabinets on the top hold our laundry supplies (stain removers, fabric softener, detergent, dryer sheets, etc) and in between the washer and dryer we have lower cabinets and two drawers that we use for our pet stuff. 



This is what it looked it. As you can see, it’s very messy. Cat treats mixed in the drawer with dog treats. Tennis balls everywhere. We had 3 or 4 types of dog food on the go. It needed an overhaul. 

There really wasn’t a whole lot to be done in terms of content. It was mainly how to keep what was there, organized. 

I started with the drawers. 


The biggest change is that I put a drawer organizer in the right drawer which keeps tennis balls from rolling around. I also stored the medications and grooming utensils. 

The other drawer has toys. Why do we keep toys in the drawer? Because if you give a puppy ALLLL the toys, you’ll end up with 99% broken, torn, eaten, etc. We rotate out toys to keep interest in them. We also keep new ones in there for when it’s time to throw away an old one.  


Next, the cabinet. I used a command hook for my dog food scoop. Keeps it off the ground and easily accessible. I used wash bins for dog towels, and dog treats. The dog treat bin is filled with small containers that house the different varieties of treats (cat treats, training treats, beef treats, chicken treats, pumpkin treats, etc). The wash bins and treat containers were all purchased from my local Dollar store. Don’t feel you have to spend a ton of money to be organized. 

I also have a container for dog food because I generally purchase large Costco size bags and it’s annoying and messy to have to keep that on hand and scoop out food when there is less then half a bag. I tuck what doesn’t fit in the dog food container behind it, under the shelf. As the container runs low I have the extra food on hand to refill.

And you can see that there is tons of room for additional things as well, large boxes of treats, you could also easily use multiple command hooks for leashes, collars, etc. I have a homemade, decorative sign that I hang those things from which is why they are not shown in the photo above. Hope this helps all who were asking about pet storage! If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear from you! Drop me your ideas in the comment section below! 


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