Big Girl Room

So when my daughter made the switch from daycare to preschool she made a request. She felt that since she was moving up a “grade” she needed a “big girl room” to match. She had her Ariel/Under the Sea room for a year, so I wasn’t that crazy about the idea of changing it all over again. But I felt she deserved to be heard.

I wanted to know what theme she wanted. When she told me she really wanted a “little girl garden” I was a bit more open to the idea. Basically her request consists of, pink, purple and red flowers. When looking at her room, a lot already fell into that category. She had purple sheets, all white furniture (which matches everything), even purple curtains. The main change was going to be getting rid of the blue walls and choosing something that would suit this new theme.

Since the majority of the items we had were purple, my wall color choices were between pink and red. And since the thought of red walls in my 4 year olds room scares me, we went to pink! Bubblegum pink to be exact.

I decided to upgrade her purple comforter to a white duvet. If her room continues to change at this rate I felt a duvet and covers would be much easier than comforters each time. It’s also easier to throw a duvet cover in the wash then to try to stuff a comforter in there.

Then I needed to decide what to do with the walls. Do I got for my favourite decals, or try something new? Frames? Canvased art? I took several weeks before making a final decision.


So we got her an IKEA flower night light for the wall. Two matching canvas prints for above the bed. White floating shelves for her frames, piggy bank, jewelry box, etc. For her birthday she also got the Barbie dream house and I made her a storage cart for her supplies.

She loved the room in its entirety. There are a few things left to do but it works for her right now and she is happy with her big girl room. Now she can prepare to tackle kindergarten!


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