As you know, we have a large room on our lower level that we designated for the playroom. We felt it was important for the kids to have their own space in the house. It will start as a playroom and maybe as they get older it will transfer to a homework room or a space to hang out with their friends.

My biggest struggle was to find ways to utilize a long rectangle of a room with 3 large windows and 2 large openings/doorways. Where to place furniture? How to make the entire space flow as one? It was something I have been struggling with and altering since we moved in!


As you can see from this photo, there wasn’t much in the room to work with. Cement floors, no ceiling, partially finished outer walls. And we dove right in to address some of the immediate issues. Let me refresh your memory.

We had put down laminate flooring throughout the entire level which added some much needed warmth and functionality. We had also installed some upper cabinets for craft supply storage (over a large kitchen table for a work space).


As we used the space we learned what worked and what didn’t. We found that although we had tons of cube storage for smaller items, we didn’t have much for larger toys. So storage became an obvious need. The kids rarely used the kitchen table that was taking up an entire wall. They would always bring their puzzles or games to the child size tables, the floor, or up to our kitchen table for supervision. The pull out sofa we had gotten for a steal of a deal wasn’t doing the space any favors by accumulating cat hair and keeping adults butts sunken into the abyss underneath.

So we decided that we would address the issues, and work on a redesign to correct. And here is what we came up with.

We started by removing the cabinets and kitchen table and used 5 “Billy” bookcases from IKEA to add storage and function. I used the top shelves for the craft stuff to keep out of reach of curious kids. The bottom shelves we utilized for larger toys, books, and puzzles. A fun rug below gives the kids a place to take the toys that’s nearby.

A cork board was added for coloring pages, crafts and other homemade items to be displayed. All craft supplies are labelled for easy clean up.

A TV was mounted above the cube storage and a finished Lego table doubled as a coffee table for anyone using the space. Some IKEA stools were added making it easy for the kids to use. The stools are light enough that they can even bring them over and play with the cubes directly. A table and chair set have been placed under each window so that it is not wasted space.

The other side of the room (which has the third window) now has a carpet for playing cars, and also has the DIY dress up area (pending mirror being hung). Having both windows so close together takes up a large amount of wall space, so we really tried to utilize the floor as a play area too.

And finally, we sold our pull out sofa and replaced with a much better option.

The Hemnes IKEA daybed is what we decided on. Now this is deep enough for cuddling while watching a movie with the kids, but if anyone ever needs to stay over (or if the kids have a sleepover with friends), it can be pulled out to a full size bed.

So as you can see, we have been very busy!

Here are a few photos of the room all together. Slowly getting closer and closer to having it complete. Next, doors. Then finishing up walls for priming and painting. Ceilings will probably only happen later on. But let’s be honest, with all the toys in here, no one is looking at a naked ceiling!


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