DIY Garden Markers

We recently decided that we were going to try our hand at a vegetable garden this year. Even though the we have a million other things on our plate and we didn’t really have the appropriate amount of time to prepare our soil. We did our best and planted all kinds of things. We figured it would be a trial. We can test the area to see what grows best, what gets eaten by critters, what doesn’t grow at all, etc.

The only problem with that is we have a lot to keep track of. Some rows have different varieties of the same thing, etc. So I took to the internet to see what I could find for garden markers. Behold, I saw that it is a pretty popular up cycle to use paint stir sticks. And since you all know that I paint walls as often as the seasons change I had a very nice stock pile to work with!


I needed about 20 sticks total. We practically live at home depot so all of ours had their beautiful logo on it. I got out my acrylic paint and got to work. I painted each one to match the fruit or veggie that would be going on it. **The acrylic paint covered the home depot print perfectly so it didn’t show through or ruin the design***

Once the paint dried I put a layer of clear coat to make sure they wouldn’t fade from the sun or get damaged by water. Then added the titles! The only expense I really had was the clear coat because I didn’t have any left. $5.00 for a can at home depot.

I used black font on the light colored sticks and white on the darker colored ones. They were a fun project to throw together. The kids love the colors and are extremely excited to start putting them in the ground.

They have also served as a double purpose item. As I was finishing each stick, our daughter was using them to practice her sight words. She can now tell you what each one says!



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