Mountain Mural

As my sons second birthday fast approaches I got the urge to begin the transition of his room. I wanted to slowly make some changes from a baby’s nursery to a little man cave. Something fun but a little more grown up. Peak his curiosity and sense of adventure.

As you all know, paint is my favourite place to start. For $40-$50 you can transform an entire room. It seems well worth it to me.


As you may remember, I went pretty bright in the nursery before the baby was born. A nursery should never be dull or boring. The decals came down, the walls were cleaned, and a base wall color was picked.

Went with a Behr paint (of course)… called Zero Gravity (N450-2). Its a soft grey. Can we take a moment to look at that coverage! One coat of pale grey over a bright green, magic! One of the many reasons I love this stuff.

Once the entire room was painted we moved on to the accent wall. I had seen many versions of the wall on Pinterest. I decided to just eyeball it and use painters tape to get some clean lines.

When choosing the next color I decided to stay on the same paint chip and go two shades darker. Moonquake (N450-4) goes on like a silver and dries slightly darker. I was a bit nervous I wouldn’t get the effect I wanted. It’s hard to really see the vision until you have more dimension. ***Hint: Always remove painters tape when paint is still wet. Otherwise you risk peeling edges.***

Once the middle color was dry, I took it 2 shades darker for my third and final layer of mountains. I wanted the dark mountains to be closer, so there are less of them. Darkest mountains are painted Binary Star (N450-6).

Voila! My mountain mural is complete. Could easily add snowy mountain tops or stars in the sky, whatever you’d like. I wanted to keep mine very simple. This wall is the far wall when you walk in, and will also have the bed against it. So I felt if it was too busy, it might take away from the bedding, accent pillows, etc.

Stay tuned for more updates on our toddler room transformation.





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