Wilderness Wall

I can’t hide my love for gallery walls. I’m always looking for an excuse to put one up. So far I have one up in my laundry room and the stairwell. Naturally, when I was pondering ideas for the toddler’s little man cave, I felt like I could create a gallery wall to really take my theme to a new level.

I used painters tape to help me out with the design. I first put a piece of tape where the door would close to. I didn’t want the gallery wall to be hidden behind it, so it gave me a guideline of where to stop. I create a design (on the floor below the wall space) to get an idea of how I want it to look. Then I added tape for each frame located on the ground. This helps me keep everything in proportion.

For the wall, I created some dark stained wooden signs. Two of which contained some of my favourite “wilderness” themed quotes. The other wooden boards contained silhouettes of arrows, a teepee, and bear paws. I also picked up five frames from the local dollar store. I painted two thicker framed ones the same color as my middle mountains on my mural. And three thinner frames the darkest mountain color (to tie the opposite walls together). The five grey frames contained watercolor images of animals (fox, bear, deer, rabbit, and a hedgehog.

Here it is all put together. I hang my gallery walls with command strips (the picture hanging kind). I find it easier to get the placement right without having to put a ton of holes in the wall. However, from personal experience I can tell you that command strips don’t work well on plastic frames. So be cautious with what you’re hanging. In the gallery above, all my pieces were flat and wooden. Making it easy to press in place and hung flat against the wall.


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