Spring Cleaning – Kid’s Bathroom

It’s my favourite time of year. Snow is melted, grass is starting to grow and be green again. It reminds us that Winter doesn’t last forever. The light at the end of the tunnel.

But I also love Spring because it starts to feel like a new beginning. And there is no better feeling then starting again inside the house. Most people buckle down and do the annual “Spring Clean”, and the dream home is no exception.

When it comes to cleaning, the Dream Home lives by a pretty basic “rule”. It follows us from room to room, and so far it has proven time and time again to be a good rule to have. We abide by “Purge & Organize”. Yup, that’s it. I know, right? Seems like there should be more to the story. But those tend to be the biggest “problems” with a household. Holding on to too much junk. And not having places to put the stuff that you want to keep.

So every year, we do an annual “purge”. I try to tackle room by room because it makes it easier to contain the mess to the rooms that have yet to be done. I decided to tackle the Kid’s bathroom closet because I was getting annoyed with the shampoo bottles that seemed to be everywhere. I took every single thing out of the closet and wiped it all down. Got rid of dust and dirt and dried on toothpaste, and baby hand prints.

Next I went through every single item that came from the closet. It needs to be wiped down, inspected and then sorted. When I say “inspected” I’m referring to empty toothpaste tubes that my kids try to sneak back into the closet because they like the picture on the front. Or lotions that my son has shown an irritation to that we have never used. Basically using this process to make a decision on each item that came from the space. I make a pile for “keep”, “donate”, and “toss”. Donate would be the things like the lotions that are perfectly good, and full. Toss would be the empty toothpaste tube.

Once that takes place you are pretty much done with the “purge” part. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be feeling better and lighter already.

My kids’ bathroom closet previously had Dollarstore baskets in them for organizing. And I still love that system but I did need a couple extra baskets and I dug the label maker back out so that I could re organize each basket accordingly.

Here’s two newly organized baskets. I used one strictly for the kids medications, Tylenol, band-aid’s, even medicine cups and syringes. The other has been labelled “bath time” and will contain bubble baths, shampoos, and oatmeal treatments for bath water. Previously, I had a basket in each child’s name instead of a combined basket. But now that Foster is older, it just didn’t seem to make sense.


Next I created baskets for “teeth” and “hair”. Our teeth basket always holds extra toothbrushes (or multi packs), toothpaste, kids flossing characters and travel stuff, like toothbrush holders and small toothpastes. The hair bucket, which used to be strictly named “Kennedy” has expanded to include detangler, combs and brushes, elastics, clips, headbands and a small bag of lice tools for routine checks to both kids. Once all my baskets were divided and organized, I added the new labels to any that had changed.


The baskets were labelled: Medication, bath time, skin care, teeth, hair styling, face cloths and guests. Next step was to organize them back into the closet.

I put the things I use the least, at the very top. You’ll notice from the photo above that means “medication” and “guest”. The medication bin needs to be up high to ensure kids can’t get to it. Even on their teeth brushing stool.

Bath and Skin care take the next shelf down. Kids do not handle that department either quite yet. So It’s just out of reach but still easily accessible for us. The next shelf down contains hair styling and teeth .This shelf is low enough to be reached by Kennedy regularly, or Foster on a stool. Perfect for starting out. Foster can put his toothpaste back in the bucket, Kennedy gets her hair stuff in the mornings so I can put her hair up before school.

The very bottom shelf has the face cloths and towels. I leave that on the bottom because it does the least amount of damage in the midst of a temper tantrum or curious toddler. Also because its the tallest shelf and those fluffy towels stack up pretty quickly. So have extra room to store them is definitely beneficial.

The closet door is a pocket door so when company comes over, it can easily be concealed. Well, that’s the end of the closet clean out.

Next up, kitchen pantry!


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