Floor Plan

Here’s a breakdown of the floors in the house and what is on them. 

I’ve also included the title of the blog entry that you’ll find that specific rooms transformation. 

Main floor:

front entryway/foyer – “Front Closet” entry, “Secretary Desk”

living room – “First things First…”

kitchen –

dining room – “Furniture changes Everything!”

laundry room – “Laundry Today, Or Naked Tomorrow”, “Gallery wall of… Laundry?”, “Laundry, Loads of Fun”

master bedroom – “The Master Bedroom… Initially”, “The Master Bedroom… Currently”, “Fixing Mistakes”

master ensuite – “Master Bathroom – Paint”, “Ensuite Organizing”

his & her walk-in closets – “Closet Gut”, “Skeltons In My…”, “… Closet!”

back bedroom – “Under The Sea… Part 1”, “Under The Sea… Part 2”

front bedroom – “Baby Lair… Part 1”, “Baby Lair… Part 2”

main floor bathroom – “Main Floor Bathroom”, “Kids Bathroom… Part 1”, “Kids Bathroom… Part 2”

back deck – “Spruce Up for Spring”

Garage –

Lower level:

playroom – “The Playroom… Phase 1”, “Dumping Ground”, “So Many Toys…”

walk-in pantry – “The Dungeon”

bar –

family room – “Dumping Ground”

home office – “Dumping Ground”

full bathroom – “Dumping Ground”

storage room –

access to backyard –


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